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Template selection :

Included in your package is your choice of a stock template design.  Choice of a "not in stock" print template is $35 which you can view here: 

 Gallery 1 & Gallery 2


Want to switch your print size :

4x6 post card or a 2x8 long strip for $50

6x6 large square for $75

4 or more hours you can upgrade your 2x6 to a 4x6.

(except for the Mirror comes with 4x6 size print.  Digital comes with any size template)



Add another template :

Can't decide on which template to choose?  Add another stock template for $50. "Not in stock" $75

Custom designs :

You would like to add your logo, add your own graphics, use your own design, change the template items or remove our website?  $50 for custom designs (changes to be complete 2 weeks prior to the event)

note : template availability depends on the type of booth

Sample Stock design templates

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